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distributor Rion VT-03F  VT-04F japan indonesia

Model : VT-03F & VT-04F
Manufacture : Japan
Dimension : 181 mm x 98 mm x 40 mm
Weight : 570 g
Short Description :
A wide range of viscosity measurement, compact size, can be operated with one hand.

Description :
Rotational Viscometer, such as heavy oil, paint, adhesives, foodstuffs, spindle oil, gear oil, etc. Compact size, can be operated with one hand. Designed for wide range viscosity measurement. Battery powered designed allows use anywhere. Quick start-up shows readings immediately after turn-on. Direct readings in millipascal-seconds or decipascal-seconds. With models as following :

- Model VT-03F, for low viscosity. Measurement ranges 2 to 300 mPa.s. Accuracy within ± 5% of scale max. (using supplied cup A or cup B). Scale calibrated according to JIS Z 8809 viscosity calibration standard. 62.5 rpm rotor speed.

- Model VT-04F, for high viscosity, Measurement ranges 0.3 to 4000 dPa.s. Measurement accuracy ± 10% of indicated value. Reproducibility ± 5% (calibrated with silicon oil). Rotor speed 62.5 rpm





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