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Acid Mine Drainage Test Kit, Model MD-2, Drop Count Titration

In areas where strip mining has occurred, runoff is often either acidic or alkaline and may contain large amounts of soluble metal salts
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Hach - Acid Reagent Powder Pillow for 25ML Samples, PK/100
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Digital Titrator, 0.00125 mL/digit, with case, manual, and five straight delivery tubes.
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DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer with Lithium-Ion Battery

The DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer adds new power to your work, in the lab or in the field
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DR2500 Spectrophotometer

DR/2500 SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY • Automatic wavelength calibration ensures superior accuracy. • Automatic wavelength selection saves time and eliminates the possibility of user error. • Built-in pH meter with one-touch operation does not interfere with ph
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DR4000 Spectrophotometer

Increasing productivity and efficiency while maintaining accuracy, the DR/4000 outperforms other spectrophotometers in its price range
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DR5000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers Hach

Harga terbaik silahkan nego Sales Kami..!
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The HQDBOD system combines the HQ40d Digital Multi-Parameter Meter, the new LBOD101 IntelliCAL Probe, a meter stand, and power and USB cables for laboratory use.
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MP-6 Potable Meter

Harga Retail Distributor!
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