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Centrifuges generate centrifugal forces
which are many times stronger than the
pull of the earth’s gravity. They separate
suspended particles in liquids, or sep-
arate liquids of differing densities from
each other. By centrifugation, sedimen-
tation occurs much more rapidly than
by the natural force of gravity.
A range of different rotors are available
for the various applications. In labora-
tory centrifuges the principal rotors
used are
- angle rotors and
- swing-out rotors.
Both rotor types have their specific


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Data Report System

The HettInfo data report system consists of combinable modules, and can be easily adapted to the number of centrifuges required. It lists all centrifugation data.
[Product Details...]

Eba 21

EBA 21- powerful and versatile not only in microlitre centrifugation
[Product Details...]


Practical and handy, the EBA 20 is ideal for a small quantity of samples
[Product Details...]

Hand Centrifuge

This convenient, manually operated centrifuge can be easily clamped to a bench or table - independently of an external power supply.
[Product Details...]

Hematokrit 210

At 16,060 g sedimentation is completed in just a little over 6 minutes
[Product Details...]

HETTICH EBA 20 Zentrifugen USA

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[Product Details...]

Hettich Freezer

You require safe, secure storage for your valuable samples. Tissue specimens, DNA, RNA, protein preparations and similar sub-stances need to be stored in such a way as to ensure they are well preserved
[Product Details...]


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[Product Details...]

Mikro 120

A simple press of the start key and within seconds, the MIKRO 120 reaches top performance levels
[Product Details...]

Rotina 420R

Developed for large volumes, yet not overly large in size. With high performance where it counts and finely tuned cost-effectiveness.
[Product Details...]

Rotina 50S

Among experts “ROTIXA” has become a household word for high sample throughput
[Product Details...]

Roto Silenta 630 RS

The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS features outstanding performance in fast, efficient centrifuging of blood bags and in processing large sample quantities
[Product Details...]

Rotofix 32A

The ROTOFIX 32 A is a rugged, versatile and indispensable centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks in doctors’ practices and small hospitals
[Product Details...]

Unique Cyto System

Hettich´s cyto angle chamber offers decisive advantages for the preparation of slides for cyto-logical examinations
[Product Details...]

Universal 320-320R

There are good reasons why we have called these centrifuges UNIVERSAL. Their excellent performance and comprehensive range of accessories enable them to carry out virtually any centrifuging task. In the low speed range, the UNIVERSAL 320 and 320 R process
[Product Details...]

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