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Incubator UNB 400 Memmert
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Incubator UNB 400 Memmert

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Universal oven Model UNB 400:

Standard equipment
Ventilation and Control
•  natural convection
•  continuous adjustment of pre-heated fresh air
•  vent connection with restrictor flap
•  microprocessor PID-temperature controller
with integrated autodiagnostic system with
fault indicator
•  one Pt100 sensor class A in 4-wire-circuit
•  integrated digital timer (1 min. up to 99 h 59
min) to switch off heating to stand-by mode
•  digital LED- display of set and actual
temperature as well as remaining process
•  resolution of display for set value and actual
value 0,5 °C
Overtemperature protection (double)
•  in case of total breakdown of sensor, the
heating is switched off at approx. 10 °C above
set value
•  in case of failure of the switching element, the
heating will be controlled by an additional
relay approx. 10 °C above the set
•  in case of a faulty sensor (incorrect
measuring values) or the total breakdown of
the controller the heating is switched off at
approx. 10 °C above the max. oven
temperature by the mechanical temperature
limiter TB protection class 1
•  for very sensitive and/or valuable load in
terms of being non-reproducable, we
recommend ovens of our E- and P-class
guaranteeing an even higher safety standard
Textured Stainless Steel Casing
•  w x h x d: 550 x 680 x 480 mm
•  fully insulated stainless steel door with double
locking and 4-point adjustment
•  rear zinc-plated steel
Interior - Heating Concept
•  w x h x d: 400 x 400 x 330 mm, 53 l
•  easy-to-clean interior, made of stainless steel,
reinforced by deep drawn ribbing with
integrated and protected large-area heating
on four sides
•  2 stainless steel grids
Temperature Range
•  from +30 °C (however, at least 5 °C above
ambient) up to +220 °C
Voltage / Power Rating
•  230 V (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz
•  ca. 1.400 W (during heating)
Packing Data
•  net weight approx. 35 kg
•  gross weight carton approx. 45 kg
•  gross weight wooden case approx. 52 kg

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